Ruins and Temples

by The Longing

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Beats, synths, sounds... hammered dulcimer, 12 string and loads of harmony.

This collection of songs is an intimate journey through the different facets of us coming before God in our daily life... our pitfalls, victories, and the way that we cry out to him.


released September 30, 2012

All Songs written by John and Yvonne Cullimore
Vocals by John and Yvonne Cullimore, Donna Lemire, Abby Hobbs, Bethlehem Steiner and Jeff Milam. (oh, and our kids make an appearance on Sons of the Living)



all rights reserved


The Longing Selmer, Tennessee

The Longing is music by John and Yvonne Cullimore.

We seek to bring music that will connect with you both in sound and poetry, melding loops and beats with hammered dulcimer, 12-string guitar and layers of vocals and harmonies.

More importantly is that we enjoy our music, and can use them for worship and prayer. We certainly do hope and pray that you can do the same.
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Track Name: The Longing (John and Yvonne Cullimore) - Sons of the Living
Sons of the Living

Who am I that you even notice me, Who am I that you even care
Who am i that You're so faithful to me, when most days i barely believe that you're there

This way of life is killing me, There's nothing good that dwells in these bones
I need you to save me today, I forget who I am… I forget my home

Savior, I just don't understand why
You look with love on me
When all I have inside
Are broken pieces and poorly crafted lies

This way of life is killing me
There's nothing good that dwells in these bones
I need you to save me each day
I forget who I am… I forget my home

You reach out your hand
You make me stand
You looked me in the eye
And told me that I would be a fisher of men
But I'm so bad at believing
So bad at being a godly man
You told me to follow where you lead
That your Father could provide everything that I need

My Lord, why do you use me
You put a ring on my finger
You called me your brother
But you're my Savior and my God
I can't look in your face, I've sinned against no other

But You alone have lifted my head
You alone can resurrect my dying heart
You alone can cleanse me from within
My Lord, if you are willing, you can heal me

I believe
You are the Christ/King
The first born Son of the living
God with us, Saving us
Making sons of the living
Track Name: Ruins and Temples
Ruins and Temples

I thought I'd find You in the glorious desert sky, in pillars of cloud and fire.
I thought that You would part the way before me, win my battles and lift me higher.
But when I ate the bread You gave me, feeding me day by day,
I saw You more in the darkened corners, and in the war-torn faces of saints.

Chorus 1 Laying brick by brick, Building stone upon stone
Making these ruins a temple, Making this temple Your home

My heart was hard but still I tried to chase You, into the wild and into the wind
leaving behind all the faces You gave me, all the hearts You were dwelling in.
I Didn't know You weren't waiting for me there, and I was turning my back to You
Didn't see all the light I was leaving, or the shadows You'd take me through

Chorus 2 Walking each step into exile, breathing each breath as a prayer
Leaving a ruin behind me, always feeling the tear
and as the faces of those behind me, were burned into my heart
I was left with nothing to treasure, but the memories and the scar

Still I waited for You each day, and I longed for You each night,
from the moment I’d lay down, to the moment that I would rise
In the daylight hours I searched, through all the grains of desert sand
for the life You'd left for me to find, the crumbs that fell from Your hands

(If I could write a thousand songs to sing regret away
It wouldn't touch the surface of the words my heart could say.
And if I walked a million miles and further still did roam
There'd never be as fair a land I'd find as our first home.)

When I awoke in this new land, to the sounds of stone and steel,
You took me up into Your hands, nourished, washed and healed
You placed a trowel into my left hand, and a sword into my right,
And I will chase the wind no longer, I will stand and build and fight.

Laying each brick by brick, building stone upon stone
Making these ruins a temple, making this temple Your home
Bound hand in hand to my brothers, never to wander free
This is my only purpose, no other life for me

(No turning back
There's only forward
and if I thought it would do any good
I'd undo it all
Put it back together
Pray things would be the way that they should.)

Lay each brick by brick, Build each stone upon stone
Make these ruins a temple, Making this temple Your home
Bind us to our brothers, never to wander free
This is our only purpose, no other life for me...
Track Name: The God Who Stays
I cannot sing a song to a god who does not know what I'm going through
But you are Father, you know my every move
I cannot offer praise to a God who's distant
a god who's far away
But I give you praise
You are the God who stays

Many lies come to keep us up at night and keep us sleeping through the light
Still you wake me with a song to lighten the load and light the way
And though at times I slip and fall in this fight
You never let me out of your sight
Keep me near you
I want to be there for everything you say

Sometimes it's so unnerving how you persist when we resist
It doesn't make much sense
We simply don't understand a Father who loves us without end
It's easy to say
But it's so much harder to let you have your loving way

Your mercy is overwhelming all of me
Your relentless love is setting me free
Overcome me
Overshadow everything that would keep me from being
The me that you've created me to be
Track Name: Shame

The voice that made the sea
You’re calling out to me
Are you wanting me to walk on water?
Don’t you know who I am?
You’ve proven to me that I can barely stand...
And you’re wanting me to walk on water

It’s a matter of pride that I stand by your side
“Even if others run and hide I stand till the day I die”
This makes you smile
Why do you shake your head and smile?

How deep is my sin
When the author of waves and wind
Can speak into me and yet I fight within?
How deep is my lie
When the very author of life
To awaken me must stretch his arms and die?

And I can’t wait for my emotions to come around
This pride inside has only let me down
I’ve wasted so many years on insecure fears
an indulgence with a trail of blood and tears
I can’t wait for my emotions to come around

Stay my hand
Sheathe my sword
Let no more innocent blood be shed by these two hands my Lord

The voice that made the sea
You’re calling out to me
You’re telling me that I can walk on water
You know who I am
You’ve proven to me that I can barely stand
And I will believe that I can walk on water
Track Name: Let All Mortal Flesh (keep silence)
Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence

Let all mortal flesh keep silence, and with fear and trembling stand
ponder nothing earthly minded, for with blessing in his hand
Christ our God to earth descended, our full homage to demand

King of kings yet born of Mary, as of old on earth he stood
Lord of Lords in human vesture, in the body and the blood
He will give to all the faithful his own self for heavenly food

Rank on rank the hosts of heaven, spreads its vanguard on the way
As the light of light descendeth, from the realms of endless day
That the powers of hell may vanish, as the darkness clears away

At his feet the six winged seraph, cherubim with sleepless eye
Veil their faces to his presence, as with ceaseless voice they cry

Track Name: Adoration

The earth it groans beneath my feet
The trees await your word
They stretch their arms to praise You
And we do the same before the throne of the One
In whom there is no blame

Lifted our shame filled eyes, that we might see to life

The earth it groans beneath my feet
Let me be in awe of You, deep in my brother’s eyes
All lies fade away when we’re gathered in Your name
Liberation from our shame

You change us into one who has no blame

Standing here in holy fear
Amazed You even draw us near
We give you praise that you have loved us like Your son
Nothing we can do or say will ever be enough
Nothing we can do or say compares with your blood

Behold the gentle Lamb in your brother and sister as they stay by your side
Behold his double edged sword as we separate spirit from lie
Behold the Lion’s roar as we speak in each other’s lives
Behold the Son of God as your brother lives and dies...
… for you

Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty
The Whole Earth is filled with your glory
Track Name: A Gentle Song of Mid-day Chaos
All the Time Is Quiet Time

In the morning... I will lift my hands and sing you a song
I know it's good for me it will help me all day long
When I sing to you a song

And in the quiet... I will lift my hands and praise you through the day
I know it's good for me it will drive the doubt away
When I praise you through the day

But it's so much easier in the quiet of the day
To hear your voice still and clear
It's about 20 times as hard when trouble comes my way
To tell my soul to be still- I will not bow to fearPraise your God
Lift your voice and sing
Let everything within you bow before the King of Kings!
Praise your God!
And your soul it will be still!
Everything within you bending to the Father's will!In the afternoon... Anxiety hits and it's like I'm howling at the moon
So much to do and I'm feeling so distant from you
Will rest be coming soon?

So in the chaos... I will ignore the voice that tells me to dispair
I will defy the urge that tells me I'm alone
And I will make my struggle known

I know it's hard to get vulnerable when your belly's full of fear
The day to day can make hard to see and hard to hear
Somehow we've got to train ourselves to be honest and be true
There's nothing else for us to say, nothing else to do
Creation- it sings it's praise to you
In the chaos- it sings it's praise to you
And who are we- not to do what they do
And live out every day- a life of praising you
Track Name: Psalm 51
Have mercy on me God
wipe away my rebellion
Wash me of my evil
cleanse me of my sin
my sin is always in front of my eyes
I see it everywhere I look
But against you... you alone have I sinned

You're right to condemn me
guilty from the day I was born
guilty since I left my mother's womb

wash me and I will be pure
wash me
wash me and I will be whiter than snow

The greatest joy is to be forgiven by you
You crushed my bones
now... make them rejoice

Create in me a clean heart
Renew my spirit
make me right again
Don't take your Holy Spirit from me

Let me rejoice in your deliverance
and sustain me by giving me the desire to obey
Track Name: Gaze in My Eyes
My heart is like a stone

Heavy smooth and cold

My mind is like a whirling wind

That knows not where to blow

My ears tire from straining so

They’ve been deafened by the din

My eyes have been looking long

looking long for Him

My love is like the burning sun that never cannot shine

And I forever am my love’s and my love is mine

My love is like a roaring storm cloud pouring down his love

And I am like the desert crying “Who is like my love?”

“Beyond all of the longing, toiling and sighs

Lay down your burdens

Gaze in my eyes

Come away come away with me come drink from the streams 

Of my Spirit that calls to you and sings in your dreams”

My heart is like a hatching egg
cracking round the rim

My mind is like a risen bird 
dancing on the wind

My ears now pricked can hear the song 
hear the song of truth

My eyes are wide and looking up
Looking up at You

My love is like...


Be with us now

Give us Your heart

Don’t leave us alone

Speak to us now

Sing in our hearts

Breathe on these bones

Not in the earthquake

The wind or the rain

Not in the fire but never too far away

In spite of the darkness
In spite of the pain

Here in the moment and never to far away

Track Name: My Anthem
Our Father in heaven
You’re set apart from this
Not bound by our division
Not bound by the blood on our fists
Let Your Kingdom come
And let your will be done
Let heaven overcome us
and make us one (like your Son)

Lord, give us what we need
But don’t let us fall to greed
The sweet song of the Sirens
Father, teach us not to heed
Father teach us to forgive
that we may receive the same
That in the end we’d be worthy
To bear the honor of your name

And though death can come so quickly
In the most unlikely place
We will seek You in our chaos
Lord, we long to see Your face
in the eye of every struggle
You are with us to the end
We are grateful here in turmoil
because God has called us friend

Come, Jesus... Come
Holy Lamb of God
make us one